Using a progress monitoring tool Slide outlines

1. Using a progress monitoring tool

Extract from a Literacy Hub professional learning webinar.

2. Using a progress monitoring tool to track students’ progress

3. Progress monitoring tool

What? A tool for tracking students’ progress over time.

When? At the end of each phase in a progression.

Why? Assess and monitor individual and whole-class progress, and identify students requiring additional support.

4. Progress monitoring tool materials

[Image: Screenshot of three of the tools used in the progress monitoring phase: a student reference sheet, a teacher marking sheet, and a sample filled-in progress monitoring tool data spreadsheet.]

5. Progress monitoring tools

[Image: Sample progress monitoring tools for Phase 1 of the Literacy Hub phonics progression. Shown are the Student reference sheet and the accompanying Teacher marking sheet. The presenters demonstrate working with the two sheets, with the ‘teacher’ filling in and annotating the teacher marking sheet as the ‘student’ gives answers to each question.]

6. Progress monitoring tools

[Image: Empty progress monitoring tool data spreadsheet for Phase 1 is shown.]

7. Progress monitoring tools

[Image: Progress monitoring tool data spreadsheet for Phase 1 is shown, with inset of sample ‘student’ data collected in the presentation; an arrow points to data spreadsheet columns to show where data is input, and scores tallied, to show student progress.]