Shared reading texts

Reading aloud to your class or a small group gives students access to literature they may not yet be able to decode and comprehend independently. It provides a perfect opportunity to explicitly teach the skills necessary for comprehension.

This extensive shared reading resource contains rich reading material of different text types for you to read aloud to your students. Each text showcases the features of its particular text type, and can be used as a context for explicit and engaging teaching opportunities. 

When students become proficient decoders, they can also read these texts for independent or partner reading and fluency practice.

For each text, you will find:

  • downloadable versions of the text to share on-screen with your class or print (PDF and PowerPoint slideshow)
  • a teaching and learning sequence
  • hands-on, open-ended and engaging follow-up activities from the ‘Big Six’ areas of literacy acquisition, including free printable worksheets and graphic organisers
  • links to the Australian Curriculum (AC) descriptors, to demonstrate how each text and activity links back to a range of learning areas, with a focus on English.

For more detailed information about these texts download this overview (1.1MB).

Emperor Penguins

This non-fiction text is a report on the incredible emperor penguin, and how it survives in icy-cold Antarctica.

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Life Cycle of a Frog

This non-fiction diagram shows the life cycle of a frog; tadpoles hatching out of their eggs, growing and developing into a froglet, and finally becoming an adult frog.

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What am I? Amazing Australian Animals

This informative puzzle text highlights the amazing features and behaviours of four unique Australian animals (platypus, saltwater crocodile, cassowary and quoll).

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Making Sense of our Senses

This informative text explores our five senses; it explains how they work and how they help us to learn about the world around us.

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How to Make Perfect Popcorn

This procedural text uses simple written steps and images to explain how to make 'perfect popcorn'.

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The Last Laugh

This imaginative text tells the story of lovable Monkey and how she learns an important lesson about friendship.

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Faraway Places

This captivating poem will transport students to amazing and wondrous places.

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Little Red and the Big Bad Croc

This audio text is an innovation on the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood, and will have students hooked – who will live 'happily ever after'?

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Rocky the Neighbourhood Cat

This fictional recount follows Rocky the cat's adventures as he explores his local neighbourhood.

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Brush Your Teeth!

This catchy, persuasive jingle encourages good oral hygiene.

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Clean up Back Beach Bay

This persuasive poster promotes a clean-up day that encourages the local community to help look after the environment.

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Move, Move, Move!

This persuasive text encourages people to get their bodies moving by outlining the benefits of being active.

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