Year 1 Phonics Check: Understanding group reports slide outlines

1. Understanding group reports 

Generating a group report 

[Image: Screenshot of Year 1 Phonics Check home screen highlighting the Reporting tab in the blue sidebar, and ribbon for input of the Teacher and Class information.] 

2. Understanding group reports 

Reading a group report 

[Image: Screenshot showing an example of class results for the Year 1 Phonics Check. Student names fill the left-hand column, their individual score for the whole check fills the next column, followed by all the individual words with green ticks indicating ‘Got it!’, red arrows indicating ‘Not yet’, or blank boxes indicating ‘Not attempted’.] 

3. Understanding group reports 

Useful for finding: 

  • group-level strengths 
  • group-level instructional needs. 

[Image: Screenshot showing results for six students for two words: ‘beff’ and ‘doil’. ‘Beff’ has six green ticks, indicating group mastery, while ‘doil’ has only one tick, indicating mastery not yet achieved.]