Literacy teaching strategies

Comprehension: making connections using explicit literacy-teaching strategies to meet the needs of students from diverse language backgrounds.

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Inclusive Teaching & Learning
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Punctuation and reading fluency

Teaching and learning resource
Illustration of practice

A resource for instructional leaders and teachers that includes a video vignette...

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Classroom talk: Understanding pedagogy and practice for developing oral language

Illustration of practice

Resources to assist teachers to support the development of oral language.

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Assessing and selecting culturally diverse literature for the classroom

Professional reading

Use this checklist to select children’s books that demonstrate diversity.

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Learning progressions in English for EAL/D students

Curriculum guidance

EAL/D descriptions of learning progressions in English by stage of schooling.

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Using picture books for intercultural understanding

Targeted strategies
Teaching and learning resource

Use this resource for suggested learning activities based around picture books.

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