Life Cycle of a Frog (for families)





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This document supports families to enjoy sharing the text Life Cycle of a Frog, after your child’s teacher has shared it in class.     

Who is this document for? 

Families of Foundation to Year 2 students 

What will you learn? 

How to support your child as you share a text that they have been using in class.

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Life Cycle of a Frog

This non-fiction diagram shows the life cycle of a frog: tadpoles hatching out of their eggs, growing and developing into a froglet, and finally becoming an adult frog.

Shared reading texts

This reading resource includes 12 free texts of different text types for teachers to read aloud to their class and to share with families. Each text is accompanied by supporting materials for teachers, including a teaching sequence, activity ideas, graphic organisers and student worksheets.


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