Phonics pair-game templates

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Use the pair games and activities in this document to encourage students to develop their phonics skills with peers during independent practice.

Who is this document for?

Foundation to Year 2 teachers; school leaders. 

What will you learn?

How to give students meaningful and interesting tasks to develop their phonics skills during independent practice.  

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Phonics instructional model for reading and spelling

This phonics instructional model for reading and spelling outlines the attributes of instruction, a lesson and review model, a sample phonics lesson and examples of skill application tasks.

Daily review example

This slideshow provides a sample daily review, a key component of teaching phonics following a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) model, using evidence-based research. It can be adapted to follow any phonics progression or lesson. 

Irregular words review

This slideshow has been developed to help students review the irregular words they have already learned. It aligns with the Literacy Hub phonics progression.

Phonics professional learning: Explicit direct instruction for phonics – an instructional model

The Literacy Hub is providing free, online professional learning to support schools through each step of building a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach for reading and spelling. This second topic in the series unpacks explicit direct instruction and an instructional model for phonics. 

Introduction to SSP video series 

View the five videos in this series, which outline the evidence base and key features of a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) approach.




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